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Wang Manke and his wife Qiao Sen. [Photo/Chinanews.com]

With just one look at Wang Manke and Qiao Sen, you can tell the love has never faded between this elderly couple.

Wang, 90, and Qiao, 92, tied the knot 75 years ago in a small village in North China"s Shanxi province.

A handmade embroidered purse Qiao gave Wang on their wedding day has become a token of love cherished by Wang through the years. "It"s a local tradition for newlyweds to give presents to each other. I gave him this purse but got nothing from him," Qiao recalled as she flashed her husband a knowing smile.

The two didn"t take photos as a couple until 1947, four years after their marriage, when Wang enlisted in the army, a decision that meant spending more time apart than together. "This could be the last time I took a photo. If I couldn"t come back, at least I would have the photo to remind me of the memories," Wang said.

Qiao Sen has combed her husband’s hair since they married 75 years ago. [Photo/Chinanews.com]

"We don"t understand what is romantic -- we just know how to care for each other." Through years of marriage, they"ve come to know each other intimately and created a unique mutual understanding. In their relationship, Qiao is always the one that pays more attention to their daily lives. "I’ve made shoes for him all my life. He said the shoes I make for him are very comfortable." Qiao said. In return, Wang decided to learn cooking, as Qiao is not as healthy as before.

When talking about their marriage, which was arranged per local customs, Wang said their biggest regret is not having a marriage certificate, as their nuptials took place well before the implementation of the 1950 Marriage Law.

Now they have three children and four generations living under one roof. "She always supports me and I care for her very much. It"s a simple life but I really feel happy," Wang said.

Wang Manke cooks meals for his wife Qiao Sen every day, since she is not as healthy as before. [Photo/Chinanews.com]


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